Mandalas painted by hand

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The Mandalas that are not available for sale can be reproduced on canvas.

Slight changes may occur, such as colour fidelity, decoration ..

Some of the mandalas available for sale can also be reproduced, in case you wish them on another size, colour, etc. ...

The value of the order depends on the size and shape of the selected canvas.
The value for transport presented on the online store may change according to the weight of the canvas.
Circular canvasses may vary between 30cm and 80cm.

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This personal mandala that I elaborate based on your birth date, time and location, symbolizes the energy patterns contained in your Astral map.
It is a tool for personal development and increases your evolution awareness.
Through contemplation or meditation,
the Personal Mandala helps channelling certain types of energies in order to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, since the pictures and symbols used in its composition express and vibrate each person’s specific energies.
You can also contemplate it while listening to the recording of your astrological consultation, thus enhancing your awareness of it.
The mandala comes with a small caption and your mission here on Earth.

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- Lit by LED lamps with very low power consumption;
- Provides an optimal meditative environment;

Mandala Om (sound of infinity) enlightened

Sacred Geometry: 12-pointed Star (enlightened)

  Mandala Flower of Life (enlightened)

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