“Mandala” is a Sanskrit word of Hindu origin that means "healing circle", "circle of power" ....

They are magic circles, which serve as an integrating element between physical reality and the divine spheres, re-connecting our consciousness with the absolute source, leading to the integration of the "Self" as a whole and of the whole in the "Self". It is a vehicle for the soul."

n the Mandala there is Sacred Geometry - the study of the connections between proportions and forms in microcosm and macrocosm, the architectural and functional basis of the entire universe ... from subatomic particles to the farthest clusters of galaxies in the cosmos - therefore allowing us to understand the total unity of life!
Colours enhance the energy forms acting in our biosphere.

The centre of a mandala is a mysterious force, where energy radiates out to the periphery of the circle, where it then withdraws, and it may give the feeling as if everything were in constant motion. This feeling comes from a very intense source of energy.

Hindus believe that a mandala represents the archetype of a balanced human mind.

Therefore, meditation circles focused on these provide harmony and unification of opposites, resolving mental conflicts. When opposition ends, peace reigns, and that peace can be found in its centre.

How to choose your mandala?

How to contemplate the mandala ...‛

The Personal Mandala being a "portrait", you may "see yourself as if in a mirror", and thus it will serve as a source to rebalance your inward and outward flows in order to create more harmony between your conscious and unconscious, causing you to feel more centred and with a greater understanding of yourself, and tuning it with the best constructive current and evolutionary pulsation of life and the universe.

Meditating, contemplating and dreaming about mandalas is a natural part of the process of individuation, it is seeking the silence within, leading to a release of tension.

It is a way to unite with the "COSMOS"

The Mandala is a source of healing!