Carla Marcelo

Carla Marcelo was born in Lisbon in 1968, lived in Angola, in Brazil, and at the age of 18 returned to her hometown where she completed a Degree in Dance.

Since she was a child, she has found in dance and art a means of letting out* and expressing her "BEING".

For 4 years she has explored painting Mandalas and Sacred Geometry, becoming a self-taught artist, exploring her creativity through new forms, accessories, light and brightness.

Her spontaneous and intuitive search to express her soul leads her to experience a magical and infinite world. She believes this is one of the means to recover her "Light" and sense of "UNION". That’s what she wishes to whoever feels attracted to her mandalas. After all they represent the magic circle that unites human beings to the Cosmos!

She has found another therapeutic process in music. She received training in sound massage with Tibetan bowls by Peter Hess, and she is a facilitator of group meditation.

As a basic occupation she is a Pilates teacher, having completed her training in Madrid in 2007

She performs various workshops and exhibitions in Events, Alternative Fairs, Therapy Centres, Retreats, where the main focus is the expansion of Consciousness (2007 to 2014)